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We would love to see more happy faces on our cruises, be one of us. This is the selection of the gorgeous locations to spend your upcoming holiday.


The Original Adventurer Route



Island Hopping In Greece



Sailing Sicily



Skippers Wanted



Exploring The Azores



Cruising The Paradise

Unique approach

Most of the islands can only be reached by boat and there are plenty of untouched places we explored and would like to show.

Culinary and cultural experiences

The simple, welcoming hospitality of the locals, which is even more perceptible in the more secluded islands.

Active recreation

Spending time in the nature, dealing with natural elements, getting adventurous, collecting extraordinary memories.

Relax time

Chilling and sunbathing during the day, peaceful and quiet nights under the starry sky in the most beautiful bays.


Discovering a brand new atmosphere, new places. Every anchorage promises a new experience, all different than the previous one.


Become an environmentally-friendly sailor and sail more economically while respecting the marine environment.

What you need to know before signing up

Our offers are designed so that everyone can find something to their liking; dreaming about a quiet family vacation with the kids, swimming and sunbathing in secluded bays, or an active, unforgettable experience with friends.
Our daily – shorter or longer – cruises will take our crew to another island every day, so that we can spend the night in one of the most charming harbors in the area.
We sail through national parks, anchor in uninhabited bays, and discover historic towns, as former sailors did. They already knew that Mediterranean settlements show their most beautiful faces from the sea.
In addition to the breathtaking views of the natural wonders, the architectural and artistic sights of our destinations offering valuable experiences, the hospitality of the locals will give the tour participants a remarkable, peaceful time.
We recommend our sailing trips to sea dogs, and also to those who are less experienced in navigation and who may be planning their very first expedition on the sea.
You can sign up for our adventures alone, with your partner, or the best if you can bring your whole family, gather your dearest friends fo fill up the boat with people you love time spending with.
None of the trips we planned is exactly what you have in mind? No worries, just write us your ideas so we can create your personalized vacation together.
Are you ready to pack your things and just go? Great!